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Happy Bath
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Althea Says: Get your juice on with these Juice Smoothie Bodywashes! Infused with fruit extracts, these cleanse away dirt and impurities without drying out the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and clean all day. The Yellow Green version is made with grape and kiwi extract (to refresh); the Red version is made with tomato and pomegranate extracts (to nourish and brighten); the Pink version contains raspberry and watermelon extracts (to revitalize). Make every bath time a Happy Bath time!
Size: 300ml
Type: All skin types
Color: Red, Pink, Yellow Green
How To Use: Dampen skin, then lather up product in hands and massage onto the skin in circular motions. Rinse off with water after.
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It's Skin
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the SAEM
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Althea Says: Flabby skin is a definite no-no, especially when you're getting bikini-ready in summer! Get all taut and firmed up with The Saem's Body & Soul Body Firming Gel, a warming and cooling body gel that helps to whip your skin back into shape. Made with capsicum, menthol and citrus extracts, this product comes with a roller massager at the tip to ensure the product penetrates into the layers of the skin while promoting blood circulation. The result? Soft, smooth and firm skin to the touch!
Size: 125ml
Type: All skin types
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How To Use: Apply onto the troubled area and massage into the skin with the applicator till fully absorbed.
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