Fresh Apple Cooling Gel 90 (250ml)

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Point: Moisture cooling gel containing 90% of Green Apple Extract which provides fresh feeling onto irritated skin.


1.         Rich hydration on dry skin

-       90% of Green Apple Extract delivers plentiful and cool moisture to thirsty skin.

2.         Refreshing and tightening even inside the skin

-       Contained cooling agent provides piquant freshness and tightening effect and cool and popping moisture makes the skin absorb it fast and refreshingly.

 3.        Sweet fragrance of Green Apple

-       It gives you refreshing scent as if you just had a bite of a sweet apple, filling you up with vitality!

Purpose: You can use it in multiple ways from head to toe and light texture of this cooling gel soothes the dry skin without stickiness.


Indications and Usage:

Take an appropriate amount and frequently apply on the areas that are dry and need soothing and let the skin absorb.

Size: 250ml


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